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Intruder Alarm Installation Services in Weston-super-Mare

At Titus Security our priority is ensuring we assist you in making your home safe today. We offer you wireless solutions, no messy cables, pet tolerant solutions that are designed to protect your home and family with ease.

We supply CCTV systems, alarm systems, emergency lighting, entry systems, fire and smoke alarms and more. We provide you with the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of security systems throughout Weston-super-Mare.

Why use our Intruder Alarm Installation service in Weston-super-Mare

Did you know that 70% of all home burglaries take place during the week. Two fifths of these take place while the family is at work and school. A survey carried out in August 2017 also revealed two in every one hundred houses is a victim of burglary in the United Kingdom.

We can provide you with all the security solutions and services you need to protect your family, your home and your business. We offer home security solutions, entry systems, emergency lighting, smoke and fire alarms, crystal clear images, biometric entry systems and CCTV systems. We offer the convenience of a twelve month warranty, view on mobile app, full recording capabilities, infra red night vision options and intruder alarms.

All our alarms are individually designed to ensure your unique security needs are met.

Contact your local Intruder Alarm Installation team in Weston-super-Mare

We provide you with the best services, best prices, no mess and on time appointments. For free site surveys, free quotes and same day services, give your local intruder alarm installation team a call on 01934 887637 and see what we can do to improve your security without delay. Complete our easy online contact form to take advantage of our free quotes right away. Don’t become another burglary statistic, give our team a call right away.

All Towns covered:

We cover the whole of Somerset including Weston Super Mare, Bath, Weston Super Mare, Taunton, Yeovil, Bridgwater, Frome, Minehead, Street, Wells, Shepton Mallet

Postcodes covered:

BA1 BA2 BA3 BA4 BA5 BA6 BA7 BA8 BA9 BA10 BA11 BA12 BA13 BA14 BA15 BA16 BA20 BA21 BA22 BS0 BS1 BS2 BS3 BS4 BS5 BS6 BS7 BS8 BS9 BS10 BS11 BS12 BS13 BS14 BS15 BS16 BS17 BS18 BS19 BS20 BS21 BS22 BS23 BS24 BS25 BS26 BS27 BS28 BS29 BS30 BS31 BS32 BS34 BS35 BS36 BS37 BS38 BS39 BS40 BS41 BS48 BS49 BS77 BS80 BS98 BS99